“Thanks to Go Out and Play, we’ve now got the most popular yard in town.”

Tina P. Raleigh

The guys who built the treehouse really enjoyed what they were doing, which made it real fun for the kids.  The children have had a great time sharing their new special place with all their friends.  It’s a spaceship, a command center, a fort and a lot of fun!

Leslie H. Chapel Hill

Thanks for transforming the barren wasteland at McDoungle Elementary School into a ‘Playland Extravaganza!’ by adding a bunch of creative, fun, beautifully constructed play elements for children of all ages.

Nancy S.Early Childhood Designer and Parent - McDougle Elem. School, Carrboro

Art, we’re loving the two decks and the shed re-build.  Thank you!  It was a pleasure to meet you and your assistant.  I had a feeling that you were the perfect person for this project…funny how that works out sometimes so well.  I may have a party later this fall.  If I do, I’ll definitely include you and Marion.  Best wishes!

Elizabeth R. Durham
“We are the proud and completely excited owners of an Art Scherer treehouse. Art and Freddie built us a custom-designed treehouse for …, uh, the kids… 🙂 this spring (2018). It had been a dream of both my husband and mine to have a treehouse in our backyard when we were little, and so we looked into getting one built when we bought our house in Chapel Hill. We looked into some of the larger companies, and although there’s several great options out there, we wanted something that the kids would enjoy for many, many years. Ours has a large platform, and two-sided deck, a rope climbing wall, ladder for the grown-ups, slide, and fire-pole, Also a tire swing underneath and hooks for a hammock for when the kids get older and want to use it as a place to nap. We couldn’t put a tin roof on, like we wanted, because we met our impervious structure limits. So Art came up with the ingenious idea to put canvas with snaps on, which is water-tight but also removable. It works great. It was a pleasure to have Art and Freddie building at the house. They were kind, jovial, and always a pleasure to greet in the morning. And our kids have their own house to pretend in, imagine in, hold meetings about all kinds of serious and silly things, and be among the trees, sunlight, fresh air and even rain.  And we love going up there too – it’s just great. We are so grateful to have our treehouse.”
Erin KentPhD, MS


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