Tire swing

Go Slow

Tire swing
The Tire Swing: Kinesthetic awareness development tool extrodinaire!

From this morning: lessons learned.  Round and round we go…just take it slow before going fast:

Master Treehouse Builders Celebrate Thirty Years of Success

When Harvard grad Art Scherer built his first treehouse in 1989, he had no idea of the magnitude of the unfolding adventure.

“I built the first treehouse for a friend. We worked together and created from our imaginations of what we would have wanted as kids. We talked with the children, got their input, but we learned very quickly what not to do.” said Art of his initial experiences in this new venture. Treehouse by treehouse, he quickly discovered methods and designs that he had to invent, as there were no existing plans to build heirloom structures for kids.

He continues to say, “…these structures adapt to the age of the child. They accommodate new uses easily. We know so much about what children need to become strong and healthy adults, to combat juvenile onset diabetes, or wrestle with ADHD diagnosis. It all revolves around outdoor activity, unrestricted play, and gross and fine motor skill apprehension. Treehouses and play structures serve all these purposes perfectly.”

Based in rural Efland, Go Out And Play LLC creates treehouses and playground structures incorporating exciting features like climbing walls, swinging bridges, zip lines, monkey bars, fire poles, and many others. The designs are easily adapted to any landscape, even if there are no trees available. The company’s focus has always been on the health and well being of the children and families that use the structures. Many parents appreciate not only the high-quality craftsmanship and details but the wide variety of components available, many of which are similar to play structures used by occupational therapists and grade schools to engage and promote growth and learning.

In celebration of their milestone, Go Out And Play has expanded their service area and is ready to meet with you and your family to design the treehouse of your dreams. “The Triangle has always attracted intelligent, family-oriented folks who plan to make permanent homes here,” says Art. “Any Go Out And Play treehouse will last as long as any well-built home and adds value to any property as a family and their needs change. We stand behind, (and on,) each and every treehouse because we still remember what it feels like to be a child full of imagination.” Art and Go Out And Play can be reached at 919-426-5423 or on the web at www.gooutandplaybuilders.com